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Retail POS for single-stores and chains

Retail is a solution designed to satisfy the managerial needs of all points of sale. Thanks to its flexibility, it is suitable for any type of business and can be easily used even by non-expert operators. Retail represents a tangible support to store management, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and coordination in carrying out all daily activities.

Much more than a simple point of sale, Retail allows to manage multiple item categories with variations such as sizes, colors and different units of measurement. The advanced loyalty program options available guarantee a wide offering in terms of promotion typologies that can be configured and a complete and always updated situation of consumers’ buying habits and preferences.

The inventory management module, with its functionalities and automatic processes, is able to satisfy all managerial needs, from stock related analysis, to complex management of multiple warehouses and vendors with different price lists.

Thanks to users’ privileges, there is total transparency over the operations carried out by staff inside the system.
Retail is the ideal solution for the management of franchise businesses, chains, individual stores, mid-market retailers and convenience stores.
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Basic version

Retail is an extremely flexible software, able to satisfy all managerial needs and is equipped with specific functionalities for different types of businesses. The standard features, available in the basic version of the system, allow to manage the point of sale at 360°, from the cashier to inventory, from guest profiles to data analysis. The program has an extremely intuitive interface and can be easily learned also by non-experienced operators.

If configured in multi-property mode, the versatile architecture allows each store to work
independently without the need for a constant connection to the HQ, allocating the exchange of data to specific moments defined by the manager. The system is extremely secure: if the synchronization is not successful, the store can still work on the previous database, avoiding the risk of a possible data loss or annoying interruptions in daily activities. 
Point of sale
Retail manages the turnover of multiple cashiers on the same POS in a fast and precise manner, bills and operations are kept separate, guaranteeing full traceability over what has been done by each user through partial shift audits that record all revenue generated. It is possible to run a detailed night audit, print daily documents and a summary of the revenue generated according to document type and payment method.
To satisfy all needs, the sale can take place in different ways: bar code, keyboard item, description or graphic selection on a touscreen monitor. With tablets and smartphones you can manage the POS, assist customer sales and handle inventory since all functionalities available on a fixed workstation are accessible from a mobile device.
Price lists and promotions
Detailed customer profiles that allows to centralize information and share it with all operators and stores are available in Retail. Everyone can enrich the profiles and use them according to permissions. Individual, group or automatic (birthdays, greetings, etc.) text messages can also be sent. For each customer an unlimited number of different promotions can be
managed: debit cards, credit cards, points accumulation, pre-paid cards or item-specific promos, quantity related discounts as well as MxN promotional offers. Retail also allows to create hierarchical price lists in which one is linked to the other according to price variation rules, in value or in percentage.
Control and data analysis
Staff access to Retail is allowed only after prior authentication. The software identifies unlimited categories of users, to which permissions and privileges can be assigned to access the different areas of the system. A report is also available where all the operations carried out by each user are listed, along with the relative date and time in which they have been executed. Retail allows the creation of reports and statistics on any information present in
the software: the user can choose which data to view, how to sort, group and filter it. Each report can also be associated to a different print format to facilitate the display of information. Every new statistic can be saved and relaunched on updated data.
Inventory and production
Retail manages inventory in a simple and intuitive way: items are deducted from the storeroom when sold and the software generates orders to vendors according to minimum and maximum stock levels configured and a constant control over inventory, which highlights items under safety stock. Items can be managed using different types of documents that can be transformed, for example from order to delivery note, while remaining connected to each other. Retail is interfaced with the main handheld devices used for inventory management and allows to adjust order quantities when goods are delivered using a barcode reader.
Production functionalities have been developed for businesses that assemble and produce goods or work in the food industry. The software also allows to manage the expiry date of products and semi-finished goods.
Retail allows to use the hardware which is already present in the shop such as monitors, scales and most common printers available on the market. The software can also be integrated to electronic scales for the management of items which are sold by weight. With the most popular scale models it is possible to print the barcode label by communicating the department’s item list and prices. In the billing phase, the program will read the barcode and print the description of the item in the receipt. The program is also able to read the individual labels printed by the scale for each item weighed, specifying the item code and weight.

Additional modules

The advanced inventory module available in Retail allows to increase software functionalities and meet the specific needs of clothing, footwear, sporting goods, electronics, supermarkets, household goods, hardware stores, gift shops, DIY stores, etc.
An integrated solution
Retail allows a complete and advanced management of the store as it can be integrated with other products of the Passepartout offering, including Menu for restaurant management, Beauty for wellness centers and Welcome for hotel management.
Advanced Inventory Management
Retail allows to manage products with different characteristics such as sizes, colors and materials. The program allows to create groups of values associated to items, which can be freely coded according to individual needs, making the product particularly suitable for companies in the clothing, accessories and footwear industries. Thanks to the software features related to serial numbers, the system is also suitable for businesses in the electronics sector. Centralized inventory management functionalities allow to monitor stock availability in all connected stores in real time. Inventory management can be handled directly from the HQ or at the single store level. The exchange of documents takes place automatically, loading the store's warehouse and aligning information at HQ.
The HQ can always monitor the stock level of individual stores. Single shops can send orders to the central office for the supply of goods and receive bills and invoices that automatically upload the relative warehouse. In a similar way, it is also possible to transfer goods between individual stores.
Franchising and chains
Retail is equipped with all functionalities required to coordinate inter-linked businesses, such as franchising networks and chains. Every customer has access to the same promotions and can use his own loyalty card in all stores of the network as guests’ personal data and promotional information are shared. Data on accumulated points, prepaid cards top-ups and residual credit are updated in real time. Each store can register new guest profiles, which can be immediately accessible by all the stores in the network after a verification by the central
office. It is also possible to selectively send information to specific stores making, for example, promotions valid only for certain shops. 
Mid-market retailers
Retail Cash registers is a solution designed to satisfy the needs of the intermediate business segment positioned between the single store and large-scale retail distribution. This allows a complete and integrated management for medium-small retailers, which are generally equipped with check out lanes and one or more stores. The most important functionality is represented by the possibility of each cash register to work independently, even in the absence of connectivity, and to synchronize data with the central location in real time, obtaining information on stock, promotions and customer profiles of all stores.

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