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Beauty is the software developed by Passepartout for wellness centers, beauty salons, spas, hairdressers and all businesses in the beauty industry. Much more than a simple software, Beauty is an essential tool for an organized and accurate management of the center. Its functionalities are not limited to the administration of reservations and appointments as the software offers tangible support in all daily activities.

Moreover Beauty also satisfies all the needs of hairstyling salons and hairdressers. Specifically, the software handles record cards quickly and accurately.
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Basic version

Beauty is the ideal software for all businesses in the wellness and beauty industries that require a timely and organized management of resources, equipment or machinery. Thanks to graphic tape charts and agendas, it is possible to schedule reservations and manage staffs’ appointments. The detailed guest profile card facilitates customer care activities and the advanced management of the point of sale allows to precisely record payments, promotions, subscriptions and price lists. If configured in multi-property mode, Beauty is equipped with all the necessary features to coordinate all activities of interconnected businesses.
Appointment book
All appointments can be easily managed in a precise and complete way using the planning. The the graphical visualization of the daily and weekly agenda allows to quickly identify the available slots and to improve employee time management. The software optimizes employee and resource scheduling. It is possible to specify for each treatment the type of operator required, the equipment needed, the room and the duration. The program is thus able to automatically suggest the best combination for each appointment. Beauty allows to insert reservations quickly, in just one click, considerably reducing the error-margin. The software suggests what is necessary to execute the chosen treatment and informs the user in case of inaccuracies.
Point of sale management
All operations are carried out using a simple and intuitive interface, configurable according to individual needs of each business. It is possible to manage payments, calculate advances and balances due on packages purchased and monitor subscriptions with a complete overview of the treatments used and the list of remaining ones. To satisfy all managerial needs, the sale can take place in different ways: item scanning using a barcode reader, keyboard entry, item description or graphic selection from monitor. Moreover, Beauty allows to carry out a detailed night audit and to print or email numerous reports. The most common reports used in the wellness and beauty industries are already present within the application.
Control and data analysis
Access to Beauty is allowed only after authentication; in this way, the software associates the operator with the appointment inserted or bill issued. Setting up permissions is extremely simple and allows to decide what each employee can or cannot do within the system. All the operations performed in the system are recorded along with the relative date, time and name of the person who executed them. It is thus possible to manage responsibilities, recognize margins on product sales and collect data for statistical purposes. Beauty allows to run reports and statistics on all information present in the software and each report can be associated to a specific customized print format. Each new statistic can be saved and relaunched on updated data.
Marketing and customer care
Beauty allows to always have customer data at hand. The archive is extremely detailed: can be recorded personal information, along with services purchased and current subscriptions. It is possible to send text messages and emails to inform customers of new promotions, plan birthday wishes and create client groups for marketing activities. Customer profiling is extremely advanced thanks to the possibility of registering additional information in customizable fields according to individual needs. 

Additional modules

The additional modules available in Beauty allow to increase software functionalities and meet the specific needs of all businesses in the wellness and beauty industries.
An integrated solution
Beauty allows a complete and advanced management of the spa center as it can be integrated with other products of the Passepartout offering, including Menu for restaurant management, Retail for shops and Welcome for hotel management.
Inventory and production
Beauty easily manages the consumption of products in the individual cabins. Indeed, for each treatment, the products that will be consumed can be configured and the software will automatically deduct them from stock when the service is provided. Furthermore, it is possible to specify the minimum and maximum stock levels along with the reference vendor for each item. According to this information and a constant control over inventory and open orders, the program suggests the quantities to order and automatically generates a purchase document. Production management is designed for centers that make or assemble products. For each item it is possible to specify necessary raw materials, the relative quantities and calculate the amounts required to complete an order or daily work plan.
Functionalities for all needs
All the necessary functions to satisfy the needs of wellness centers, beauty salons and spas are available within Beauty. The detailed customer archive allows to record personal data, information on the lifestyle and physical activity of the customer and the list of treatments performed or that still need to be consumed. The complete and customizable aesthetic card is able to calculate body indices and compare progress over time. 
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