Integrated Revenue Management tools available within the Welcome suite

Welcome, the Passepartout hotel property management system offers numerous revenue management tools to optimize tariff strategies.

The integrated reports available make it possible to run forecasts and comparative analyzes with historical data in an extremely detailed manner according to nationality, booking window, sales channel, market segment and other factors. The software calculates multiple indexes on a daily basis and stores them so that they can be accessed at any time.

With Welcome revenue management activities becomes simple and effective thanks to the integrated tools that allow to configure:
 Automatic rules and price lists
 Control and analysis
 Statistics and reports

Revenue management within anyone's reach with Welcome


In Welcome it is possible to create derived rates linked to one another through price discount or increase rules, in value or in percentage. In this way, any change to the rate strategy is simple and immediate. Welcome offers the possibility to set daily prices according to the room type available and day of the week. At every variation in the overall availability of the hotel, occupancy thresholds set for automatic rate changes are monitored.


The program also allows to simultaneously configure multiple automatic booking rules linked to a specific time validity that are applied according to the priority assigned. Indeed, it is possible to configure rules not only in relation to the occupancy percentage, but also according to the number of occupied and free rooms, new reservations and cancellations received. In this way, the price follows the sales trend according to multiple variables.


When choosing a cloud-based installation, all revenue management functionalities and tools are available, at any time, from any place and using any device both for hoteliers and their consultants.

and alerts

Welcome allows to set rules that automatically activate email notifications, alerts within the software and apply changes to sales policies when specific conditions or events occur. In this way you will always have control over the automatic modifications made by the system. It is also possible to configure automatic rate closure or price variations.

and reports

The statistics available in the software allow to obtain detailed reports on various revenue management indices and, thanks to the possibility of dividing production into the individual components of each tariff, it is possible to establish the economic value of every room, net of services, in a specific time frame.


With Welcome you can view sold rooms divided according to period, sales category, customers and compare the data obtained with those of the previous year or make forecast analyzes on turnover. Furthermore, the program fully manages the division of revenue by departments in order to obtain comprehensive reports.

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