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Welcome is the hotel property management software that fully satisfies the needs of all types and sizes of accommodation facilities. The software goes beyond the simple principle of managing reservations to global and integrated project management to coordinate all operations that take place within the property using a single system.

The Passepartout solution makes it possible to keep all activities under control: rooms, restaurant, conference center, bar, warehouse, pool, beach, equipment and any kind of rental spaces. 
Multiple modules are available in Welcome to satisfy to the specific needs of the different functional areas of the accommodation facility. All modules are developed to increase the profitability of the business by improving staff efficiency and, at the same time, streamlining hotel procedures also thanks to the connection of the software with the different systems present in the hotel (building automation, paid TV, ...).

Welcome is a reliable tool for all customer relationship management (CRM) activities. The complete and detailed guest profile card contains useful information on the guest as well as the history of all actions undertaken. Data can be used for marketing related activities, mailing campaigns, to send personalized promotional communications and to monitor performance. 
Revenue management and analysis tools make it possible to increase the occupancy rate and optimize tariff strategies. The advanced warehouse management functionalities available ensure constant and accurate inventory control.

Thanks to perfectly integrated Channel Manager and Booking Engine, Welcome automatically receives all web reservations made on the property’s official website or through the main booking portals. For smaller accommodation facilities such as apartments and bed & breakfasts with up to 15 rooms, Welcome Smart Cloud is available.
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Basic version

Welcome becomes the heart of the accommodation facility, the system from which all activities are carried out and monitored. All front office operations, from the quotation to check out, can be performed in a simple and intuitive way using an intuitive interface. The management of back office activities is easy and quick thanks to the tools available in the software that allow, among other things, to manage all hardware devices and building automation systems in the hotel from a single centralized point.  Moreover, if configured in multi-property mode, the software displays availability and tape charts of multiple properties in a single screen and allows to easily enter or modify reservations for all configured businesses.
Welcome is also available in cloud in the Passepartout server farm. This option has considerable advantages: indeed, it reduces the costs and investments in hardware, allows to automate of security and update procedures, releasing the user from this burden and, above all, makes information and tools available at any time, from any place and using any device. An important aspect in a social context increasingly oriented to mobility.
Front Office
Reservation management, from the information request to check out, is simple and intuitive, numerous automatic processes streamline front office activities by minimizing the error risk. The complete and detailed guest profile card allows to store customer's preferences, the reasons for their stay, the company or agency, the family group and many other useful information. All data can be used for marketing related activities. Billing and invoicing procedures are extremely simple and flexible. It is possible to create sub-bills, split folios, transfer extras or room rates from one room to another or from one guest to another. Bills can also be issued for individual guests, families or groups.
Back Office
Numerous customizable reports are available in the software, including statistics on production, sales, revenue, guests, rooms, rates and much more. These reports can be run on daily information, by period and allow comparison with data from the previous year. Welcome also optimizes all back office tasks related to accounting operations such as deferred billing, summary documents and payment verifications.
Welcome can be interfaced with the hardware devices available in the hotel such as PBX, key cards, Paid TV and building automation system. Upon reservation, the customer is enabled to use services according to the type of stay booked or special agreements made.
During check-in, the software allows to generate a card that can be used, not only to open the door, but also to automatically charge services purchased on the room bill without the need for manual registration.
Contracts and allotments
Within the software it is possible to configure the contracts signed with the various agencies and tour operators. You can record the number of rooms granted in allotment, the commercial conditions and the release date. Each agency can be associated with one or more contracts and thanks to the advanced credit options available, commissions and deferred invoicing can be easily managed.
Control and data analysis
Numerous analytical tools that provide essential information to optimize rate strategies to support all revenue management processes are available within the program. The integrated reporting system allows to make comparative forecast analyzes with historical data in an extremely detailed manner according to nationality, booking window, sales channel, market segment and other factors. Furthermore, the possibility of dividing production into individual components for each tariff, allows to establish the economic value of each room, net of services, in a precise time frame: a fundamental information for RevPAR calculation.
Dynamic rates
In Welcome it is possible to create derived tariffs which are linked to one another through discount or increase rules, in value or percentage. This will make any change to the tariff policy extremely simple, thus reducing the need for manual intervention. The PMS software allows to maximize revenue through rate strategies thanks to an intuitive calendar that allows to quickly change prices for each day and room type.
Service Rental
Coordinating the rental of parking lots, garages, beaches, tennis courts, bicycles, minibuses or other types of accessories, which may be available in the hotel, is extremely easy thanks to graphical tape charts in which all the resources are displayed, individually or grouped by type. The booking of a service can be linked to the guest and automatically charged to the room account. 
Welcome Mobile App
Welcome can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet using the Welcome Mobile App. Users, according to their role and the permissions configured, will have access to different software functions. Receptionists will be able to use front office functionalities available, housekeepers can change the room status and communicate in real time with the rest of the staff, report problems to the maintenance team and charge minibar extras consumed by guests. Maintenance technicians can inform front office once issues are solved and waiters can charge extras directly to the room account. Managers can also monitor their business performance, set price and strategies on all sales channels and run reports and statistics.

Additional modules

There are numerous additional modules and applications available that increase the functionalities presented in the basic version, making Welcome a complete, safe and extremely innovative property management software.
An integrated solution
Welcome allows a complete and advanced management of the property as it can be integrated with all products in the Passepartout offering. Thanks to the native integration with Menu, it is possible to manage bars and restaurants inside the accommodation facility and post all charges directly to the room bill. A spa or beauty center can be easily managed thanks to the integration with Beauty, the spa software. While, if the property has any
point of sale, the system interfaces with Retail.
The CRM of Welcome, specifically designed to satisfy the needs of those working in the hospitality industry, allows to keep track of the information exchanged between the property and the guest. In just a few clicks it is possible prepare and send detailed quotes based on the guest’s requirements that will be stored in the customer's history and can be used to create a new reservation. The system also allows to send customized e-mails to customers before, after and during their stay in an automatic way.

Live quotations
With the CRM module you can send attractive and interactive quotes. Reservation requests are directed to the web page, where the customer can view his offer, along with the photos of the property, details on how to arrive and information on services or extras and included. The dedicated web page makes it possible to interact directly with each customer, to keep track of the quotes' status and to send offers that can be easily viewed from any fixed or mobile device.
Inventory management
Welcome, allows to manage the warehouse centrally or keeping bar, restaurant and point of sale stock separate. Stock unload operations take place automatically, while various types of documents can be registered to upload the merchandize, such as supplier bills and invoices. The software provides a detailed report of all articles and movements.
Meeting rooms
Welcome allows to easily manage the hotel’s conference center from reservations to billing, thanks to graphic tape charts, agendas and a precise and efficient control over the resources available. It is possible to prepare service orders for staff who manages setup and equipment, as well as any Food & Beverage requirement for events that involve coffee breaks, brunches or meals.
Price and revenue management
With the Price Management module, it is possible to configure predefined rules that vary tariffs automatically on different sales channels according to the occupancy levels. The software also allows to perform simulations to verify the trend based on the parameters set and to send notifications when certain conditions occur. It is possible to configure differentiated rules for multiple periods of the year, room type or rate. The variation of the tariff may include automatic opening or closing of the rate, be determined by the pick-up speed or by the average room revenue.
Booking Engine and Channel Manager
The Booking Engine allows to configure, directly from the PMS, photos, descriptions, availability and prices to publish on the property’s website. Through the Booking Engine, the customer can request a quote, ask for information, book a stay, purchase additional services and pay online. When the reservation is received, all information will be visible directly within the software and residual availability will be automatically updated. 

Booking Engine DEMO  

The Channel Manager allows to publish availability, strategies and prices on the main online booking portals in just a few clicks thanks to an automatic synchronization. It is also possible to configure reservations conditions and restrictions from the PMS system. The integration allows to receive bookings directly in the software, ensuring considerable savings in terms of time and eliminating transcription errors.

Discover the list of interfaced portals  
Myself App
Thanks to the Welcome MySelf App, customers can connect to the system using their smartphone or a workstation available at the hotel, to check in online, monitor their account balance, perform pre-check out procedures and view their reservation history. These functionalities notably streamline and speed up guests’ arrival and departure procedures.
DMS Reservation Portal
With Welcome, you can create a reservation portal on a territorial basis or for a group of accommodation activities. The portal shared by several properties is ideal for tourism and territorial promotion associations and hotel chains. To manage direct bookings on all connected properties, the Web module is required.

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