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A valuable partnership based on reciprocal know-how and experience

If you work in the property management software industry, becoming a Passepartout Partner represents an extraordinary growth opportunity for your business. The Passepartout brand has always been a synonym for solidity, experience and innovation. We offer our partners a business model that can enhance the commercial capabilities and technical skills of their employees. Thanks to a wide range of solutions and a dedicated training roadmap, our Partners are able to satisfy all of their customers' needs.

The advantages of being a Passepartout partner


Passepartout grants the exclusive distribution of its products to specialized channel partners. The choice to approach the market through its Partners has allowed the company to focus entirely on product development and increase the quality of the services offered. The Passepartout Partner, which is also physically close to the customer, is able to support him with competence and professionalism and increase the value of the product offered with his own know-how. Passepartout's trust in its partner network, coupled with the sharing of tools and strategies, has created long-standing business relationships, making every partner fundamental for the company and fully independent. The business logic with which Passepartout operates places particular attention to the professional and entrepreneurial skils of its Partners, the only qualities able to significantly influence the market and add value for customers.


Passepartout shares with its Partners an invaluable knowledge base, by constantly investing in training, technology, technical support and consultancy. Indeed, training is a fundamental asset in an ever-evolving industry, such as the information technology one, where new technologies and regulations repeatedly follow one another. Passepartout offers its Partners continuous support in response to all market needs:
  • Marketing support
  • Sales support
  • Technical support


The Passepartout property management software are developed internally and are the result of passion and experience capitalized over time, which has always allowed to guarantee high quality standards. Today we are able to provide a wide range of businesses including hotels, restaurants, wellness centers and shops with innovative, reliable and efficient software, able to satisfy all operational needs. The Passepartout software solutions can be integrated with one another and are extremely customizable, allowing Partners to offer their customers a service of unparalleled value.
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